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The idea here is to have just enough of the tube sticking up to create a "rivet" to hold the knife together in the rear. The spinner pressure needs to create more of a "downward force" than a"outward force" or else you would easily crack the handle material. You can rotate the knife while pressure is on to get a feel for your progress.

Make sure that you aren't trying to flair over too much material above the handles. If you need to, remove the knife from the vise and remove some of the surface of the tube with the belt grinder so that it is sticking up above the handle about the thickness of the tube. You'll have to experiment with this to see what works best for you.

Note: The spinners are 45-degree, similar to a counter sink without cutters. A higher degree of angle probably would not hurt a thing, but again, experiment on something you don't care about to see what will work best for you.

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