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Tony "bellyin' up" to his
20" Burr King grinder

Tony Bose comes from humble beginnings in the West-central Indiana town of Hymera. He suffered an injury to his right eye at the age of six and his family endured hard economic times throughout his childhood. When Tony became old enough to work, he encountered many obstacles due to his partial blindness. As it turned out, that childhood injury and his love of "pocket knives" became a catalyst in making Tony who he is today and his knives some of the most coveted hand made knives today.

Tony started making knives in 1972 after many years of repairing knives for extra money. He made his first folder in 1975. To date he has made over 48 different patterns based on knives from the old cutlery companies. Tony says, "I don't design knives, I bring old knives back from the grave." Tony's forte is just that; bringing old knives back to life but with all the improvements that modern materials and superior craftsmanship offer.

Tony's reputation as a master cutler of traditional folding knives was recognized and rewarded in 1998 with his hiring as consultant to the W.R.Case & Sons Cutlery Co.. Tony provides a level of expertise with pocket knives that could easily have been lost but he shares the information openly with anyone who wants to learn.

Besides his obvious interest in knife making, Tony is also an avid sports fan. GO COLTS!

Reese Bose, the oldest of the three Bose kids, was an enterprising young man while he was still in school. He established a knife sharpening business in the third grade. The teacher would collect all the knives that the other children brought to school and hold them till school let out. It was clear even back then that Reese would be involved in the knife making business when he grew up.

Tony says that, "I have helped a lot of guys figure out how to make pocket knives, but Reese is the only one I have taught". It's apparent that Reese has been taught well. Reese joined his father in the workshop in 1993 and has established himself as an accomplished knife maker.

Even though working together only several feet apart at Wilfred Works (that's what the boys call their knife shop), there is a difference in the way Reese goes about making a knife. Reese has a style that is uniquely his own and the attention to detail that serves him and his customers well.

Reese's free time activities include horsing around (horseback riding and caring for his trusty pal Tonto), hunting, keeping his old pickup running, and starting fires with sticks and strings(which he has perfected).

Reese hand-stamping blades and preparing for heat-treating


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