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Welcome to the Wilfred Works

Let's take a walk through the Wilfred Works and see some of the tools used to make those beautiful Bose knives. We might even catch the Bose guys working on something.

What you're looking at here is the front of the shop, basically a garage sized addition on the house that was built specifically for knifemaking. But first, a little history of how we got to this point might be in order.

Tony used to do his knifemaking on the kitchen table at night after working a regular job. Generating a lot of knifemaking noise at night while the wife and kids are trying to sleep is not a good thing. After he sawed through the kitchen table one evening, Tony decided it would be a good idea to move the operation to more appropriate (and safer for everyones wellbeing) work area.

Tony got a hold of an old trailor and converted it into a workshop and this freed him up to make more knives. Eventually the increased demand for his knives and Reese coming on full time required additional space so the Wilfred Works was born, which brings us back to the shop tour.

"BoseForce 1"
Tony's Old Knife Shop out back

Here are some of the major tools we use to build knives at the Wilfred Works. You can click on any of the thumbnails to spawn a tour browser and begin your tour at that point.
Rockwell Tester
Steel Supplies
Heat Treating
Vertical Mill
Metal Bandsaws
Wood Bandsaw
ScotchBrite Wheels
Reese's Grinders
Tony's Grinders
Grinder Closeup
Drill Presses
Tony's Workbench
Updated 12/12/07
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